Thursday, December 11, 2014

In Firefox 34 Error Console Popping Up All the Time

Ok, for a few days now whenever I launched a new Firefox window on my Windows 7 box, I'd get the Error Console window pop up. This was tres annoying.
The "All-in-One Gestures" add-in was being too helpful. I disabled that and used FireGestures instead.
Now the Error Console only shows up when I enter Ctl-Shift-J.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Pictures From the Austin .Net Users Group Dec 7, 2014 - Iteration Zero by Jeffery Palermo

Jeffery Palermo from spoke to 55 attendees about Iteration Zero. Here's a few pics, in case you wonder what an Adnug meeting looks like.

Iteration Zero

My random jumbled notes to jog my memory in the future:
Architecture are the non-reversible decisions like language, platform,
Dependency management that are really hard to redo.
Jeffery Recommended a book, Configuration Management Best Practices , By Aiello and Sachs
Iteration Zero - goal : Developers can get and submit source code, automatically have it built on a CI server, deploy and test Adding features is and assembly line, Iteration Zero is setting up the assembly line.
Version Control System - Git has won.
Choose branching strategy - Git Flow most comprehensive strategy
GitHub teams does feature branching with auto deployment if it passes tests
Never go home with code only on my machine, checkin to your branch
Do most things in dev, and then push to Release
Atlassian Source Tree - free gui tool for doing branching Jet Brains TeamCity free to 10 or 20 build definitions
How to put together a VS solution?, look at dependencies Dependency Management - Think about how to do dependencies
Build scripts
 Iteration Zero from GitHub has the template that Clear Measure uses for starting new projects.
Jeffery recommend people download it and use it to build products.
(clear-measure does lots of projects so it forces them to spend time designing the proper solution layout)
 Database upgrades are in the Update directory and applied alphabetically, 0001_VisitorTable, 0002_AddColumn
ScriptFile is a table containing the scripts run on the database
Modern process is now Agile with batch size of 1
Trello current favorite for tracking

Summary: "Getting started well is so, so important."

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Using Perforce P4V with Windows "High Contrast Black" Theme

I use the Windows "High Contrast Black" theme to make all the backgrounds black with white text - it's much easier on my eyes. With the "High Contrast Black" theme Perforce's P4V GUI interface, like many Windows programs, shows white text on a white background, which is not all that helpful.

I contacted Perforce about the issue and got a very fast response with a work around. If you add a blank file named "p4vstyle.qss" to the directory "c:\program files\perforce\P4VResources", P4V will use the local Windows theme on next startup.

Now my retinas are happy with the cool soothing black background. Thanks Perforce.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Photos from Austin .Net Meeting Nov 10, 2014 - Redis for .Net Developers

Shawn Weisfeld spoke to 40 developers last Monday about Redis, a caching mechanism for .Net developers. Although originally written for Linux, it has been ported to Windows. Redis allows you to store key-value pairs, and save that to a disk, but it's not guaranteed to capture all values, so don't use it for financial applications, but it is great for other applications like leader boards in games.
My Notes:
Shawn works with to record technical demonstrations
Redis now has Lua scripting
You can get Redis from Nuget, Install-Package Redis-64
Redis is the preferred key-value storage for Azure
StackExhange uses Redis
Redis is good for auto-incrementing values, it can do it in one step is the main website and has interactive tutorials.
Shawn actually used the unit tests in Redis to learn how to use the API.
Humanizer is a library for .Net that formats data for humans, e.g., "two" instead of "2".
A rep from Iron Yard was there to tell about their 3 month boot camp for would be developers
Redis has a Desktop manager to view its contents

Emacs: Lisp error: (error "Invalid face" modeline)

After upgrading to the latest version of emacs, I got this error:  'Lisp error: (error "Invalid face" modeline)'.
After a little research it came down to the modeline color command:
 (set-face-background 'modeline "plum")
(set-face-foreground 'modeline "black")
The problem was "modeline" has been replaced with "mode-line".
(set-face-background 'mode-line "plum")
(set-face-foreground 'mode-line "black")

Now emacs is happy, and I'm happy too.

Emacs Error: maximum buffer size exceeded

When trying to load a one gigabyte file into Emacs, I got this error:"maximum buffer size exceeded", and I'm thinking to myself, "Hey, I've got a 64-bit machine with 8Gig of ram and using the awesome Emacs, it should handle one Gig".
After a little research I found a version of Emacs compiled for 64bit windows machines here.
Now I can view 1 Gig files to my hearts content.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Synergy is still Awesome

I use two machines at my desk. Synergy is an incredible program that let's you control multiple machines with a single keyboard and mouse. The latest version costs $5 and it's worth every penny. Setup which used to be awkward at best is now a breeze. Nick Bolton and his team have done a great job with this release.