Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Those sneaky malware writers

"Patch Tuesday" comes the second Tuesday of the month when Microsoft releases patches for windows to combat malware. An interesting phenomena is growing. The malware writers wait until "Patch Tuesday" and release their wares on the unsuspecting public on the same day, confident in the knowledge that their handiwork will have a full 30 days to pillage the internet. In the old days, virus writers were just motivated by testosterone, but now it's all about making money. Money is to be made by creating 'bot armies to extort money from businesses; by flooding the user with ads; or installing keyloggers to capture financial data.

It's puzzling that Microsoft does not release fixes more often than monthly.
Thankfully with Vista, "the most secure operating system ever released by Microsoft" we won't have this problem.
(cough, cough).

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