Monday, April 23, 2007

A Google Computer Just Makes Sense.

With Google offering free word processing and spreadsheets online why do some people need a full fledged PC? Well if they need viruses and malware I could see it. If they want to constantly be slowed down by their active virus scanners or if they want to always be downloading the latest OS patches.

I ran across the web site for and found it interesting.

For many users this is all they will need. This would be great for older people who just want to email their grandkids and watch Youtube.

With tax prep, photo editing and other general purpose utilities now available via our browsers, a desktop PC is less relevant than ever. Plus you get automatic backup of data and the ability to acess and update your data from anywhere in the world.

My daughter is using She can work on her documents at school or at home. Sharing documents with friends is easy.

Security is a big concern. Do you trust Google with all your documents? Well, do you trust your PC with all your documents? With all the keylogger and Trojan programs running around, many people would be more secure at Google.

I can see Google teaming up with a few hardware vendors to produce a Google-ready diskless PC designed only to connect to the Internet.

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