Thursday, May 24, 2007

Compressed Air Cars

In 2005 an Austrailian film crew produced this video on compressed air cars. It's worth watching. Compressed air cars have been around for a while. Early work on the concept was done in South Africa.

I'm skeptical about the cars because this was filmed 2 years ago and we haven't heard anything since. Also the claims of being able to drive across a continent on a single tank seems too far out.

Using compressed air as an energy storage device for our cars has numerous advantages:
1. We could stop importing oil from the Middle East. This would keep billions of dollars in our own country and stop funding regimes who hate us.
2. Our city air would be cleaner.
3. The design looks fairly simple and perhaps more reliable than current cars.

Some disadvangates:
1. Well, it's not here yet. Will it every be safe and profitable?
2. The demo cars were very noisy.

What do you think?

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