Friday, August 24, 2007

Dual Monitors

A few months ago we got new dual monitors at work. It's been wonderful.
The coolest thing is to put the desktop over two monitors, like shown above.
How to do that? My dell has a 256MB ATI Radeon X1300PRO. I selected "Start/Programs/Catalyst Control Center/Advanced/Catalyst Control Center Advanced" then the "Displays Manager". I set the Desktop area to be 2560x1024.
I know its annoying to have the middle of the virtual screen interuppted with the monitor edges, but two 19" flat panels are really cheap compared to a 38" screen.


Anonymous said...

Nice setup. I'm a huge fan of dual monitors since we too got them at work. They're a little bigger, but not too big. They're CineMassive Displays. Great for coding on one screen, testing on the second.

John said...

I've gone from one 24" flat pannel to 2 19" monitors and the dual monitor is much more productive, even thought I'm not gaining _that much_ space. It' the fact I can keep vs on one full monitor and other apps on the monitor.

Anonymous said...

2x 19" monitors are not the same size as a 38" monitor.