Wednesday, February 20, 2008

China to Open Coal-To-Liquid Plants

According to the Guardian China is about to open the first of many Coal-To-Liquid plants. The technology is well understood and was used by Germany and Japan in WWII. The process will allow China to import less oil and save money. The estimated cost is 25-40 dollars in equivalent barrel terms.
A bad thing about the process is that it produces more CO2 than conventional oil.
This is why I thing the smears the technology calling it "Nazi Fuel" (we don't call the F-22 a Nazi-Jet, or the Saturn V a Nazi-Rocket).
Although it does increase CO2, a way to help supplement our energy is a good thing until we can get renewables online.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, using Carbon sequestration, or pumping underground for enhanced oil recovery, along with using 20% biomass with the coal will be a carbon negative footprint. Of course, the greenies have already made up their minds so don't confuse them with the facts.