Monday, May 19, 2008

Austin Code Camp 2008

Austin Code Camp was very informative.
I went to the afternoon sessions (Swim meet in the morning).

Chad Myers led an interesting "Fishbowl" session on adapting TDD in your team.

Jimmy Bogard gave a good presentation on mocks and stubbing. I really liked the new testing syntax made possible by extension methods:

bool result = foo(a,b,c)

This seems more natural than using the "Assert.IsTrue(result);"

Ben Scheirman showed all the cool features of ReSharper that he uses. I liked one of his side comments about keyboard shortcuts: "If I'm using the mouse, I've failed."

Other miscellaneous items:

  • Recommended Books: Lean Thinking / The Machine That Changed the World / Toyota Way
  • Rhino Commons is a helper class for NHibernate
  • Demo tools: Jedi show keyboard strokes, Zoomit magnifies areas on screen
  • C# has new ReadOnlyCollection

Austin Code Camp was well attended. Join us next year.
(Going to the camp reminded me as software developers we have to be constantly learning - reminds me of the urban myth about sharks having to swim or they die.)

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