Wednesday, July 30, 2008

EEstor passing Independent Tests

electric meter
EEStor, the Cedar Park Texas based designer of supercapacitors, passed a milestone independent test by Texas Research International which certified that the purity of EEStor's powder averaged 99.92% purity. The purity of the chemicals is crucial for creating their economy-changing energy storage product.
If EEStor can create their supercapacitor at a decent price and having sufficient safety, the whole peak oil crisis will change.
Their energy storage device, not technically a battery but a capacitor, will make total electric cars feasible. They pack nine times the power of lead-acid batteries and can be recharged in minutes, although using special high voltage chargers, home recharging will take longer. As soon as some of these cars hit the market, our need for oil will start to lessen.
With the need and demand dropping, the price of oil should start declining. (Yes, yes, I know China and India - blah, blah, blah. But China and India aren't going to be buying a lot of oil at $130 a barrel once their governments stop subsidizing. They will be shifting to electric as well. China has a lot of coal and doesn't seem to be shy about burning it.
So, it's a happy thing that Eestor's product passed the test. Hopefully we'll see a real product demonstration from them soon.

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