Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Austin Java Users Group

Random Notes from the meeting (entered via my shiny new IPhone):
Big Mike is starting a Certification group.
Gary Frost from Amd talked about OpenCL, the Open Computing Language. This provides binding to Java via C for running parallel operations on Graphics Processing Units. Gary's demo showed the n-body problem being accelerated by using the GPU to do calculations, while the GPU was also updating the screen.
The demo was very impressive, but the OpenCL seemed a bit clunky. I think the masses of programmers will need a much smarter compiler to inspect the java code and imply what the GPU can do in paralle.

The second part of the meeting Deb Ayers talked about Oracle's Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). She said ESB is a natural progression from client Server. Many of her clients don't use soap, just Plain Old XML (POX) over http.
For a dozen services you don't need an ESB, but some Telcos have hundreds of services and need an ESB.

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