Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Agile Austin - Domain Driven Design and the Naked Objects Pattern

Last night at Agile Austin Eitan Suez explored the relationship of Domain Driven Design and the Naked Objects Architectural pattern to a packed house of 60 people.
The thing that struck me the most was how using the Naked Objects concept of having the objects themselves create the GUI forces a Ubiquitous Language on the developer since the user will see the object and method names on the screen.
Eitan gave a great example by having the jMatter framework autogenerates a permissions table with objects and their actions on the vertical axis and the types of users on the horizontal axis by reflecting the code and dynamically discovering the objects, their methods, and the types of users.


rpawson said...

Very glad that the Naked Objects message connected with you. You are absolutely right about forcing the domain language on the developer.

I remember years ago hearing the architect Richard Rogers talking about the design of the Beaubourg - one of the first buildings that exposed all the services to view. He made the point that when you expose all the internals, you had better do them well. As we put it in Naked Objects, if the only thing the user can deal with is the domain objects then those objects had better represent the users world well.

Take a look at Dan Haywood's new book:

and also at Naked Objects for .NET if that interests you:

Richard Pawson

Anonymous said...

hi this lea and i am doing a custom essays about the naked objects pattern i am very happy with naked objects now that they are connected . enforcing language domain is the right thing to do so keep it up