Monday, November 22, 2010

Can't wait for 3D programming environments

Ok, I'm a big fan of 3D movies and waiting patiently, (OK, not so patiently for TimeWarner to rollout its Discovery3D channel), for mainstream 3D TV.
I've seen a few computer 3D monitors advertised and pondering what that will mean for programming environments.
I have a pair of prescription glasses with a prism effect for easing eye-strain. Oddly enough the glasses present a 3D effect based on color. Key words colored red float about an eighth of an inch off the screen, key words in blue sink into the monitor.
It will be great when we all have 3D monitors for coding and can tell VS2014 to make the inner loops of program float a little off the monitor. Not as great as when color coding made its appearance, but it'll be welcome just the same.


Mitch Fincher said...

When we all have 3d monitors, we'll need special CSS5 commands to float text forward or backward in the z-axis.
.error { font-size: 120%; color: red; zaxis: 3em; }

Anonymous said...

Text popping out and sunk in, that's a fascinating idea for reading code! As long as it's not abused...