Saturday, February 02, 2013

Pictures from HTML5.tx 2013 in Austin TX Feb 2

I was fortunate enough to attend the sold-out HTML5.tx conference in Austin today.  Here's a few photos I shot and a few of my jumbled, unedited notes.

Embedded JavaScript, HTML5 and the Internet of ThingsJesse Cravens

Ace editor
Node.js communicates with Arduinos with web-sockets
node-serialport Node.js 
BeagleBone by TI, fully functional Linux board $100
Node running on BeagleBone
firmata protocal
multiple arduinos talking to BeagleBone central hub
Raspberry Pi used instead of laptop
Node.js used on small devices as webhosting 
konectic canvas library
ember.js is extremely impressive for single page app

Backbone: 3 Ways
Pamela Fox

push state to pretend to change url
single page web app
used Knockout
requireJS used for dependencies
before interview, look at web page and help them debug problems
no HTML - every element for javascript
directories are used for catagorizing becuase we don't have a tag based file system
django admin
you never want to delete stuff, add Delete column instead
add change log table
as you grow you need to change backend to scale, but not the front end
don't return php code, cause you can't change easily
only update partial 
good frameworks:  ember, spine, angularJS, enyou
start with Backbone tutorals, not the docs

Arduinos, BeagleBones, and Raspberry Pi, Oh My!

The New Rules of The Responsive Web
Matthew Carver
Laptops and desktops for creating, phone and tablets for consuming
Responsive web is more than squishy

Foundation or Bootstrap for prototyping
Style Tiles
css preprocessors,  scss, sass, or less
SMACSS Scalable and Modular Architecture of CSS book
Embrace unpredictability.

Lighting Talks:
The Softer Side of HTML5
Tony Farnsworth, Anne Epstein, William Moner

Foundation or Bootstrap for prototyping
Style Tiles
css preprocessors,  scss, sass, or less
SMACSS Scalable and Modular Architecture of CSS book 
Embrace unpredictability.

parseInt(010) is octal 8
parseInt('010') is 10 in chrome and 8 in Firefox
javascript == is type coersive
=== is really equals
false == 0 // true
false === 0 //false
put comments inside function for debugging instead of on top

Open Spaces group led by Eric Anderson on testing javascript

Austin Hallock
16ms to do something for 60 frame per second
use window.requestAnimationFrame instead of setInterval or setTimeout

Unfolding the Box Model
Chris Ruppel

10 things you didn't know a browser could do
Estelle Well

document.querySelectorAll("#foo .bar")
every element has "classList" with functions .add(), .remove(), 
live node list, static node list
getElementByClassName is live, constantly updated

Rapid Templating: "Designing in the Browser" with Sass, Compass, and Serve
Nathan Smith
Marcotte Responsive Web Design, fluid grids and media queries
compass is an example of using Sass, Compass and Serve
apache .htaccess     Options +multiview finds close file names

One last note:  Every presenter I saw was using a mac.

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