Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Last Night's Java User's Group Meeting

About 45 people attended the meeting focused on rapid development with open source tools.
Jean George from OpenSky extolled the virtues of XMLC for software development. Open Sky developed a stack of software components to create software including Spring, ireports, Jasper for reporting and Acegi for security.
Jean said to do any modern work you have to master HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
He also liked Postgres much better than MySQL. But his best line was about PHP programmers, "You can't get rid of them, they're like fireants, you keep stomping on them and they keep coming."
One thing that did strike me about the direction of software development: our systems are more declarative and use convention over configuration. With that in mind it matters less whether the glue holding the frameworks together is Java or C#.

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