Friday, September 15, 2006

Vista could create 50,000 EU jobs

A Microsoft funded study has concluded that Vista will create 50,000 jobs in Europe.
O Pelease!
This is just spin to help with Microsoft's ongoin legal troubles in Europe.
Besides, new jobs are not necessarily a good thing. A toxic waste spill in Europe could create 50,000 new well paying jobs in Europe. We could hire 50,000 painters in Europe to paint all the houses yellow, but after all the money is spent, will we be better off?

The real economic issue is whether Vista will improve the *productivity* of Europe.
Vast amounts of money will be spent training and finding new bugs, but really are we more productive? I doubt it. I've yet to see any features to really make us more productive with the exception of WinFS. Oh, I forgot. WinFS is not in Vista is it?

Besides, I still don't get what Microsoft gains by producing Vista. Most people just buy the OS on a new computer. Microsoft won't gain any new sales. Why didn't Microsoft just save all those billions and billions of dollars. They could have just improved XP for a few million. Microsoft might even lose money since Vista requires more expensive hardware leading to fewer machine sales and fewer OS sales.

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