Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lessons from History

If we learn anything from history, it's that we don't learn anything from history.Nevertheless, I think the following quote bears on our current national state in the US:

"We have considered ourselves of too much importance in the scale of nations. It has led us into great errors. Instead of yielding to circumstances which human power cannot control, we have imagined that our own destiny and that of other nations was in our hands, to be regulated as we thought proper."

spoken by Virgina Federalist Daniel Sheffey on the eve of the war of 1812 from
The War of 1812 A Forgotten Conflict by Donald Hickey p300
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(Remember that in the War of 1812, the White House is burned and the USA is fortunate to get a stalemate from the war).

I meet with a bunch of other guys about once a month to have dinner and discuss a historic event. This month's topic is the Mexican-American War. If you're in Austin on Tuesday Novemeber 28th come by and join us. Email me for more info, my email addresses is on

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