Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Is IT Print Media Doomed?

I used to read several free computer magazines every week. Now I find that when I puruse the tree-based media that the news is old hat - it's over three days old! Ancient news.
True the longer articles are not so time based, but still alot of the content is often stale. I find myself reading them less and less. I think the print version will gradually lose critical mass and fade to the online version.
What do you think? Are the IT magazines doomed?


Anonymous said...

Dontcha just miss those HUGE issues of infoworld that no longer stuff up the mailbox?

s - http://blog.ateava.com/

88 Miles Home said...

Totally agree. I go online to get all my info because it's so up to date. But the 'tree based media' (nice phrase) is still good for pics and coffee tables. :)