Friday, January 26, 2007

Number Sections in Microsoft Word

Shuana Kelly has the best overview of numbering sections in Microsoft Word. After struggling for an hour trying to get all my numbering to work, I visited Shuana's site. The writing is simple and clear. After struggling with Word's numbering system for years, Shuana taught me in 20 minutes how it really works.

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Anonymous said...

Your page looks very nice. None of the artsy stuff drowns out the info. Not so many pull that off.

I am wondering if, as an XSLT programmer, you might provide an article on how to prevent MSIE 7 and Firefox 2 from overriding author-provided XSLT in Atom 1.0 feeds?

That would be most appreciated by anyone who has slaved over their XSLT and was happy with it on Firefox 1.5 but finds all gone for naught in the newer browsers.


Gan Uesli Starling
Kalamazoo MI