Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tivo Unboxed and Joost 0.74

A very exciting post from Tivo came today. Tivo and Amazon are combining forces to delivery "unbox" video straight from the net to a Tivo. The most interesting feature is a record of the purchase is stored on Amazon servers. You can purchase a movie today and re-download in a few years.
Also in the video news Joost has announced version 0.74. Joost is an amazing new peer-to-peer network to share licensed content from tv shows and other video. Joost networks collect bit-torrent type packets and inject commercials targeted to specific users, say all the women aged 25-50 in zip code 90210. Since the ads are targeted, advertizers will pay more for them, and in theory, fewer ads would be shown.
Soon we may be able to watch any TV show any time we want with fewer commercials.
I wouldn't bet against Joost - the founders of Joost gave us Kaaza and this little thing called Skype.

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