Friday, February 09, 2007

Why Can't Microsoft Hire Adults to do Programming?

Recently, I noticed my Windows XP machine running out of memory. Casual inspection in the Task Manager revealed the "svchost" process consuming 360 megabytes of memory! TaskManager
The svchost process just manages other processes. One of those processes is "Automatic Updates", the process that periodically polls Microsoft to see if bug fixes and security updates are ready.
According to Microsoft, the "Automatic Update" service has a memory leak.
At my coworker's Scott's suggestion, I went into Services and turned off "Automatic Updates". Now svchost does not suck the marrow from my machine.
But why can't Microsoft write decent code? Detecting memory leaks during testing is hardly rocket science. It's even rumored that there are utilities that can actually detect a memory leak and where the memory was allocated. So how can the coders of this utility get it pushed out to millions of users without a cursory check for bugs? Don't they have a QA department? Why doesn't Microsoft code with this new thingy called ".Net" where memory is automatically managed?
The only reason I can think of is that they are outsourcing code development and QA. Outsourcing to some Junior Highs in Redmond. Why can't they hire adults?

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