Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Austin Java User's Group March 29th, Android and OSGi

We had a great meeting - it never hurts to start with free pizza.
Only five of the fifty two people attending were looking for jobs, and lots of jobs were being offered. Charles Schwab had a few dozen jobs available; HP and NetSpend also had positions to fill. Jeff Hennigan from KForce was also present - it's always a good sign to have recruiters come to the JUG.
Sam Griffin gave an excellent introduction to Android programming. He gave a demo on how to create and publish an app to a phone. Sam said it was very easy to access features like GPS, Speech Recognition, TextToSpeech, OpenGL for 2 and 3d graphics. Android also has SqlLite builtin.

Simon Chen talked about the basics of OSGi - which is a good thing since before the meeting I couldn't even spell OSGi. Simon described OSGi as a fancy classloader that manages components of a java application. It's like Service Oriented Architecture within an application; you call components embedded in bundles and you only have to load them once.

Thanks to Georgina Chen for the pictures.

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