Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ADNUG: Justin Pope on Advanced jQuery

Justin Pope from Headspring spoke to 70 people at the Austin .Net Users Group last night on Advanced jQuery. Justin started by giving a brief overview of jQuery, which I appreciated, and moved to major components like Datatables and UI. Along the way Justin gave warnings of land mines in jQuery, like always use "thead" and "tbody" in tables. Justin is a great presenter with a good sense of humor.
My jumbled notes:
Use a mirror site for JavaScript libraries so your page loads faster since browsers may limit simultaneous connections to a site.
Put your JavaScript at the bottom of the page instead of the headers so the page loads faster.
Golden Rule: Select by class instead to id.
Use Datatables from Datatables.net
"Flot" is a great free graphing package; High Charts is great, but costs money. (protoviz was also mentioned by the audience.
Diamond Rule: Use special characters, like "-" in naming to make finding JavaScript classes easier.
Platinum Rule: Use separate classes for styles and functionality.
Justin recommended the book "JavaScript: The Good Parts", and Rebbecca Murphy's site jqfundamentals.com