Saturday, September 07, 2019

A Generic Funeral Brochure Template in Google Documents

I recently designed a funeral brochure in Google Documents and wanted to offer the template to anyone who could use it.
The template document is here.  (Thanks to wikipedia for the content text).
It consists of a two column table on each page with the correct dimensions to print well.
The pdf created from Google Docs is here.
If you set your printer for double-sided printing it will print it out like this:

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

In Windows 10 the Desktop Window Manager is using 100% of the GPU

Sometimes my Windows 10 machine would get incredibly slow.  Even the cursor would start lagging behind.
Looking at the performance monitor I could see that "Desktop Window Manager" was using 100% of my gpu. 

The solution for me was to do this:
On the desktop in empty space, right-click and select "display settings". Make sure all displays and their "scale and layout" are of a 100% size. My issue was out of my three displays, my laptop display had 125% scaling on it. When I switched it to 100% the GPA went back to normal.