Saturday, October 26, 2013

Photos from Pablo's Fiesta October 26, 2013 Austin TX

Lost Techies Fiesta Open Space Conference 2013

Thanks to all the Los Techies for their hard work on making this a great conference.

The opening session:

9:00 Session JavaScript Frameworks Session
Knockout is for data binding, but the syntax is a little awkward
Angular is a better knockout
Ember is a better backbone (it's like Rails, follow conventions and life is easy)
SPA is Single Page Application
Progression:  jQuery -> Backbone -> Marionette -> Ember
                     Knockout -> Angular
Breeze is an ORM for the browser
One strategy is to use Razor template strictly to toss out div tags and have the js framework populate the content.

10:00 Not a Basic Git Introduction by Keith Dahlby
BeyondCompare is a recommended diff tool (a class of tools Microsoft has yet to include in their OS)
Set a union merge strategy in the git attributes file:
*.sln merge=union

Official notes of the conference are at

11:00 Faster CodeMonkey, Faster
What helps you develop code faster?
Using Bootstrap Themes
Foundation, a competitor of Bootstrap, has flexible grids
PowerPoint 2012 Storyboard is great for prototyping GUIs
Expresso is a RE utility is an online Regular Expression utility - very slick
Dapper is a micro ORM
"Do not write clever code"
Jira has a planning view for Scrum


 1:00 Care and Feeding of Developers with Gabriel
DISC personality test
Amir recommended "Greatness" by Dabid Marquet for ideas on training developers:

2:00 Continuous Integration
Team City
Culture is the hard part
Toggle new features on a per user basis - have StuctureMap get the right version
Use Octopus for TeamCity for deployment
Rake is used in a lot of .Net builds
GitHub Enterprise is worth the price for some
 3:00 Codebetter.CI
Chocalaty is used to install programs.  It is NuGet package with standard .ps1
2013 version of msbuild.exe has moved, but the old one is still there.  Change your batch files.
Ruby needed by new .Net project
nhibernate has not been actively developed lately
ORMs require a deep understanding of underlying topics
Dapper and Massive are micro-ORM alternatives

Friday, October 25, 2013

Photos from Pablos Fiesta, Austin Tx, Oct 25, 2013

Pablo's Fiesta Pics
Austin TX, October 25 2013

John welcomed the crowd to the Los Techies Annual Open Spaces Conference

Doc List retold the mythical history of Open Spaces
 Participants, like Jeffery Palermo, wrote on sticky notes topics they would like to discuss.

Here's our list for tomorrow's sessions:

Fishbowl exercise on