Friday, May 25, 2018

How to Set a Considerate Team "Out-of-Office Event" in Outlook

How to Set a Considerate Team "Out-of-Office Event" in Outlook

Follow these simple rules and your fellow co-worker won't hate you (well they may hate you for other reasons, but not for bad "Out-of-Office" appointments).

Nothing annoys people more than getting an "Out-of-Office Event" in Outlook that marks their time as busy, and then posts them a reminder for the event.

1. Start the "Subject" with your name.  Otherwise people get reminded of appointments labeled, "Dr. Appt" at for a brief moment of panic think it's their "Dr. Appt".  Use a title like "Mitch - OOO" with an optional explanation.
2. Set "Show As" to "Free" so you don't block other calendars.
3. Set "Reminder" to  "None" so people don't get reminder emails
4. Add invited people
5. Under "Response Options" uncheck "Request Responses" (which will also uncheck "Allow New Time Proposals").
6. Send invite
5. Make a separate personal appt with no invitees with the "Show As" to "Out of Office" so coworkers will see you are out-of-office.
6. Set your  Outlook "Out of Office" Automatic message.

Now, take the above text and copy/paste it into a local file on your machine that you promise to review before sending your next "Out-of-Office"message in Outlook.