Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pictures from Paul Hammant at Austin IEEE, June 20, 2012 "Client Side MVC"

Paul Hammant, co-developer of Selenium, from ThoughtWorks, spoke to Austin's IEEE chapter June 20th, 2012 on the topic of "Client Side MVC". Here is a summary of my jumbled notes:
  • Lots of job openings are available in Austin.
  • Developers using ClientSide Model-View-Controller frameworks are more productive.
  • The original framework, backbone.js, has lots of competitors.
  • Paul liked AngularJS (made by Google employees in their 20% time) for open source projects and Knockout (made by Microsofties in their off-time) for Microsoft environments.
  • DoubleClick uses AngularJS for their commercial site.
  • has demos of the ClientSide MVC frameworks.
  • CSMVC allow for rapid prototyping.
  • CSMVC offers massive code reduction.
  • Paul thinks Knockout will be an official component in the Microsoft toolbox in the future.
  • "Java and .Net developers need to get involved with JavaScript or get left behind like COBOL programmers."
  • JSON is the Browser Lingua Franca now.
  • offers a good tool.
The drumbeat of JavaScript is starting to be deafening. Update: Slides are here.