Monday, January 11, 2016

Picture from Austin .Net - Antlr by Brock Reeve

Brock Reeve presented how to build your own Domain Specific Language (DSL) for .Net using Antlr, a Java native lex/yacc combo.

My cryptic notes:
Use ANTLRWorks as IDE.
graphviz Viz.js
generate c# via Rosylyn, or IL-emit
Antlr is a .Net library and Java library.  
Use Fizzler to do css matching

Generate Code

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Pictures from Agile Austin Jan 4, 2016 "Pitfalls of an Agile Transformation"

David Hawkes from  talked about "Pitfalls of an Agile Transformation" to 60 people at the January meeting of Agile Austin.  Here's a few pics if you wondered what an Agile Austin meeting is like.  Come join us next month.
First was a yummy Mexican Food Buffet from New Iron Group

Lecture Time

We broke into small groups for a workshop task

Six Pitfalls of Agile Adoption
1. Agile is just a process change
  - need technical practices: automatic testing, continuous integration, automated deployment
2. No support for the change (J-curve: productivity drops in first phase of "resistance and chaos")
3. Leadership is not aligned
4. Teams not able to deliver potentially shippable software, small teams not able to delivery software because integration with others not working
5. Only focused on the team vs the organizational impediments
6. Organizational misalignment

Path to Agility:
Knowledge - ownership of process; everyone has knowledge; do agile before you be agile
Alignment - make sure everyone knows why we are going through this pain
Continuous improvement culture
Visibility - card walls; visibility to work in progress; where are the bottlenecks?  Where is process stuck?
More Predictable
Shorter Time to Market
Outcome Driven
Organizational Agility