Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why is Microsoft software so bad?

About twenty times a day I ask myself the same question over and over: "Why is Microsoft software so bad?" I mean, it's horrible. For example, this message pops up on my screen occasionally, "A program is trying to access your email folder. Would you like to grant it permission?". My first thought is naturally, "Which program?", but the warning is too coy to answer that. Finally I realize it's my IPAQ trying to sync and grant permission. But didn't it ever occur to anyone at Microsoft that users might want to grant some applications permission and not others?

Another example - Visual Studio has so little clue about software. VS 2003 can't even take you to the correct overloaded method. VS2005 is better, but good grief it's been 3 years (21 in internet years) and they "give" us this? Refactoring is included, but very limited. VS 2005 is a great editor - if this was 1999. Why did't Microsoft just buy IntelliJ?

I waste so much time each day from bad error messages and a outdated IDE.

So why is this? Why is Microsoft software so bad?


christian strevel said...

It's not THAT bad... if is THAT bad... why are you still using it?

There are other options, like linux :D

It can be better, yes... that's what Service Packs are for :P

Mitch Fincher said...

But Mr. Strevel it is so bad. Tonight I close my Media Center Window from MyTV and my entire well-patched, up-to-date SP2 XP system freezes. The cursor is embedded in the upper right hand corner - nothing works. I have to physically reboot the machine.
In answer to you good question -
I use Windows for employment reasons.