Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Experience with IE7 and "Mobile Favorites"

I recently installed the latest IE7 build. One interesting omission in the latest RC is the lack of support for downloading "Mobile Favorites". I use IE for two things - synching my IPAQ and doing my timesheet. Now it doesn't sync my IPAQ and our company's timesheet program doesn't work with IE7 yet.
I have found a work-around for the synching of "Mobile Favorites".
1. Go to your web page you want to sync.
2. Hit the "Mobile Favorites" icon.
3. Create a new Mobile Favorite". Click "yes" to replace the old one.
4. Wait while the browser crashes.
5. Et Viola. Most of the web page will be downloaded to your machine and your Windows Mobile device can sync with them.
6. Repeat this process for each Mobile Favorite.

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