Thursday, May 22, 2008

Public Domain Classical MP3s and Sheetmusic at

I stumbled into a wonderful site,, that is gathering recordings of classical music and associated sheet music to put in the public domain. What a great idea.
We can now have classy background music for those wacky YouTube videos we make.
An interesting twist on the site is that you can "bid" to have your favorite pieces performed by a professional musician. When enough bids have been collected, MusOpen hires the musicians and adds the music.
To speed up the process I would like to see is the ability for any assemble to upload their version of a classical piece. Any local high school or civic orchestra could upload their version. This would lead to a lot of mediocre music, but if we added voting, the cream would rise to the top. Check them out at

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Kerry Atma said...

A great Public Domain find Mitch. The tracks may be great for video but the downloads get spat out of Wordpress 2.5 - they are too big to upload.

I also tried embedding the files in my blog - but was unsuccessful.

Kerry Atma