Monday, August 25, 2008

Car Buying Tips

I just bought a new car this weekend and wanted to share some tips:
1. Go to to price your dream vehicle.
2. Get a small notebook (a physical paper-thingy, oddly enough, they still make them) and keep all your notes in one place. Staple business cards into the notebook. I had scraps of paper everywhere and it was a mess.
3. When you first visit a dealership, ask for someone from the internet department - they can get you the best deals. Better yet, phone ahead and make an appointment.
4. When you've got your car model, trim number, and options set, use to send an email to all the dealers near you asking for a quote on a car. Ask for the Vin# of the auto. I had a car swapped out from under a deal at a dealership. It was suppose to have a certain option for the price, but oddly enough didn't.
5. Ask for the car price and the final "drive-out" price.
6. After getting the best deal, email all the losers and ask if they can meet the price.
7. After getting the best price, take a copy of the email with you to the dealership, just in case, like in my situation, the dealership forgot the low price quoted.

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