Monday, December 15, 2008

TimeWarner Tuning Adapter hits Austin Texas

Last Friday I got the call from Time Warner that the Tivo Tuning Adapters (TA) had finally arrived. After work, I rushed to the TW office to get mine. After waiting an hour or so, I took it home, hooked it up, and nothing happened.
Searching the forums, I learned that the tuning adapter's green light should be solid, mine was blinking - a sign that all was not well. After rebooting the TA and my TiVo in various combinations, I gave up and called tech support. After sending two ill-fated reset signals to the TA, the rep scheduled a truck roll in the morning.
Not content, I tried various reboot combinations. Maddeningly after a while the TA would get a solid green light, but my TiVo did not know that the TA was ready. So I'd reboot the TA, the TiVo would see the TA there, try to test channels and fail since the green light was still flashing. When the green light stopped flashing, the TiVo didn't know it was there.
This combination finally worked:
1. Reboot the Tuning Adapter. Wait for the green light to stop flashing. 10 minutes?
2. Reboot the TiVo. The Tivo does not know that the TA is ready. (This step may be optional).
3. Unplug the USB connector from the TA to the TiVo, wait a few seconds and plug back in. This sends a signal to the TiVo that the TA is ready.
4. TiVo can now test the TA signal.
Worked for me.

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Anonymous said...

Appreciate your coin towers/domes/. Certainly worth my time... Rick in Florida