Monday, April 20, 2009

AgileATX April Meeting - Scott Bellware on "5 Things I Learned from Lean "

Before Scott's presentation to the 100 people assembled for AgileATX started, I talked with a recruiter (it's a good sign for recruiters to be at an Agile group) who said two interesting things:
1. Demand for Java and .Net programmers is about equal, but java has been growing because the proportion of government jobs is increasing and our government is often open source friendly.
2. Many large corporations are looking for developers with an Agile edge.

I always enjoy hearing Scott "Force of Nature" Bellware talk. He's original and not afraid to challenge current software dogma. This week Scrum was skewered. The point of his that struck me most has to do with Scrum teams being democratic. "Don't trap your best people into a democracy where good people are outvoted." You need a disciplinary to drive the process.


On another point, in reference to the lean principle of a continuous learning community he said, "A learning organization cannot happen when people feel entitled not to learn."

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