Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Keep Swimming or You Die

Some shark species must keep swimming to create a flow of water through its gills, or they will suffocate. Our aquatic friends of the deep can teach us something about software development.
Last night I stuck up a conversation with someone at my daughter's athletic event. Come to find out, he was an underemployed software developer. He was ruing the fact that for eight years he kept his head down and simply created java applications for his employer. He didn't investigate developing apps for this wacky internet web-thingy which is quite popular with the younger crowd. When he was laid-off, he found his excellent java application skills not much in demand in a sparse job market. Admirably he is going back to school and getting the skills needed for today's web-connected world.
The lesson from the fishies: Keep learning or your career will die.

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Christopher Painter said...

A quick indeed search for java in austin, tx reveals over 800 hits. Searching my network on LinkedIn for Java jobs reveals about 10 hits.

Perhaps the problem lies elsewhere for this individual. Eitherway, I wish him/her the best of luck.