Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Default length of Delicious RSS feeds is 15

I use GoogleReader to keep track of interesting news stories, but I also use Firefox's live bookmarks combined with tagging at
As I find a site I'd like to add to my daily news reading I tag it with "news" and "daily". Long ago, I created a live bookmark in Firefox named "news+daily" to "". I also have one for "energy+daily" and "blogs+daily".
In the morning I select in Firefox "Bookmarks/news+daily/Open All in Tabs" and it churns away and opens all my daily news sites in their own tidy little tab.
The problem I noticed lately is that the maximum number of tabs showing up was 15. After a little investigation I had to change my Firefox live bookmark source to append "?count=100" and now everything is rosy and "news+daily" has up to 100 bookmarks.

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