Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sql Server Management Studio intellisense not working

My intellisense in Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS) stopped working months ago and I finally decided to get it back.
Turns out that installing VS2010 R1 disables intellisense in SSMS. Who knew?
The solution? Install the cumulative update 7 for SqlServer2008.
1. Go to here and select "SQLServer2008R2_RTM_CU7_2507770_10_50_1777_x64" if you are running the 64-bit version (it's fifth from the bottom). Download it. Well, you can't just download it. Frustratingly, you have to enter your email address and then they email you the link.
<grip text="Why can't microsoft just have a menu option in SSMS under "Help" for "Update to latest patches" - even Quicken does that." />
2. Click on it to execute it and wait. Wait some more. Then realize, it's not going to run the installer it just unzips it to a directory.
3. Go to that directory and run "SQLServer2008R2-KB2507770-x64.exe" and that will install the update.
4. Although it doesn't encourage you to do it, reboot your system.
Worked for me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. To bad MS can't be as clear and simple

sanchayeeta said...

Thanks a lot. It worked for me.