Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photos from Austin Dot Net Jan 9, 2012

Josh Arnold spoke to the 120 attendees about client-side Continuations. One of the most impressive things was Josh's mastery of the keyboard and shortcuts.

Brandon Satrom gave the main presentation about HTML5, which was well received.
The slides from his presentation are here on github.
My Random takeaways:
Pressing F12 in IE9 will give rendering for older versions of IE of the current page.
jQuery.corner.js is a good polyfill for getting rounded corners in older browsers.
jQuery.Visualize is a simple way to create HTML5 charts from tables.
The excanvas.js polyfill does replicate most of the functionality of the Canvas element, but not all, be careful.


Dimitry said...

Hi Mitch,

Would you be OK with us using your photos on the Austin .NET User Group website?

Mitch Fincher said...

Yes, please use the photos on the .Net User Group site.