Monday, November 12, 2012

Apple "Jumping the Shark" with the iPhone5

I along with millions of others were disappointed with the iPhone5.   Last year in the US, 93% of iPhone users said they would buy another iPhone, this year it was down to 88%.
Lightening to 30-pin adapter
To me it came down to two factors:
1.  The new maps were not ready, but Apple assumed they could foist bad software on people because they are Apple and their fans would adore them for it ("Thank you sir, may I have another?").
2.  The non-standard connector.  This one really gets me.  The whole world is moving to the micro-USB connector for cell phones for data transfer and charging.  In Europe it's the law to charge with micro-USB.  With the same cord that charges my wireless Logitech mouse I could connect to my phone - what a great idea!  No more tangled masses of incompatible chargers and cords.  But no, Apple has to Think Different(tm).

If I upgrade from my iPhone4S to an iPhone5, I'd have to get all new connectors for work and home and car, while still having the older 30pin connectors for all my other older i-devices.
It would be one thing if the new connector offered something worthwhile, but it doesn't.  It's slightly smaller and it can plug-in upside down, but that's it - not nearly enough benefit to me for the hassle.

The shine is off Apple, with it's brazen move to maximize revenue while inconveniencing their customers.
I'll be looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note II for my next phone.

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