Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pictures from Austin .Net Users Group July 8, 2013: Getting things done with dynamic ASP.NET

Amir Rajan (@amirrajan) gave an interesting talk on how to use C# 4.0's dynamic objects in MVC using the Oak framework to the 50 members present. Here's a few pics just in case you were wondering what a geekfest looks like.

My jumbled notes:
  • Hey, Amir is using Emacs - my people!
  • Recommends AngularJS and Knockout
  • Rake used to build and populate system
  • used conEmu for console
  • Oak has a DynamicDB and DymanicRepository
  • "ghost methods" are not present at compile time, but added dynamically
  • Use "System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Launch();" in code to bring up the debugger
  • Amir recommended
  • The Gemini extends the properties of System.Dynamic.DynamicObject to be more Rubyesque.
  • Amir used specWatchr for automatic compiling and testing
  • For GUI testing use "canopy F#", which is a layer above Selenium.
  • Three things: reduce friction, dynamic typing, increase feedback
  • dynamic is a thing. SignalR uses it.

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