Friday, October 17, 2014

CITCON Austin 2014

CITCON, the Continuous Integration and Testing Conference, is in Austin this year! Here's a few pics of the opening night of the Open Spaces Conference, hosted by our friends at Saturday
My jumbled Notes:
Interesting conjecture: In the future, we will not write code, just write tests.
Some companies automatically deploy code if it passes tests.
Works well with apps made of many samll services.
Avagandro's Court, book about AI taking over company
"Her", man falls in love with OS
Vagrant defines machines to be built has two articles by Boyd about Vagrant.
Puppet/Chef/Ansible are deployment packages; ansible has the lowest learning curve
Vagrant Can be used with AWS to spin up a machine
"Continuous Delivery" book was recommended
Docker 1.3 just released, transition to Docker completely.
Ansible is the easiest to learn and implement only use python
Chef meetup wednesday in Austin / irc channel / Ansible meetup as well
Vagrant was written by Mitchell ... because he hated virtualbox

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