Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Using Perforce P4V with Windows "High Contrast Black" Theme

I use the Windows "High Contrast Black" theme to make all the backgrounds black with white text - it's much easier on my eyes. With the "High Contrast Black" theme Perforce's P4V GUI interface, like many Windows programs, shows white text on a white background, which is not all that helpful.

I contacted Perforce about the issue and got a very fast response with a work around. If you add a blank file named "p4vstyle.qss" to the directory "c:\program files\perforce\P4VResources", P4V will use the local Windows theme on next startup.

Now my retinas are happy with the cool soothing black background. Thanks Perforce.


Anonymous said...

confirmed working on linux too. thx for the effort ;)

Brett Dixon said...

This is awesome, you can actually overhaul the whole ui and provide your own styles. Were/are you able to find out more about the source qrc file layout so you can add/edit image resources?