Saturday, October 10, 2015 as a replacement for Quicken

With Windows XP retiring, I looked for a replacement for my Quicken financial software which ran on my soon-to-be-obsolete XP computer.  I never liked Quicken, but it worked and was barely adequate.
After evaluating many software programs and web sites I settled on
I was queasy about uploading sensitive data to their site, but realized my home computer can be hacked as easily as their site - no place is safe anymore.

I love  It's one easy place to consolidate all my finances.
The best part is their asset allocation function which looks across all my accounts to determine if I  have the right mix of stocks and bonds, foreign and domestic investments. 

Their charts are simple but effective in showing trends in my finances.

I update my check categories and PC shows  how much I am spending each month on food, gas, entertainment and other things.

The coolest thing happened this last week.  PersonalCapital sent me a notification that one of my investment funds had a higher than expected fee.  Sure enough I researched recent changes in my retirement account, and our company had re-allocated our previous funds at Vanguard into new funds.  One of the new funds had a much higher fee than the previous fund.  Now I know I need to switch funds.

Thank you Personal Capital.

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