Monday, February 08, 2016

Pictures from Austin .Net Users Group Feb 8, 2015 - Docker Swam by Dimitry Ushakov

Dimitry Ushakov spoke to 30 people about Docker Swam.
Microsoft will fully support Docker natively, but now you spawn a linux virtual machine.
Microsoft will support bash and other tools.

My jumbled, incoherent notes:
-docker pull nginx -- pull image from registry like
images can inherit from other images and be built from command files like "Dockerfile":
  FROM microsoft/apsnet/...
  RUN apt-get update
  RUN apt-get -qq update ** apt-get -install -qqy sqlite33 libsqlite3-dev
  ENTRY ...

docker-machine is deployment tool
docker-compose is a orchestrate
docker-swam is to cluster clusters together

strategies to distribute work to containers
- Spread (default)
- Binpack
- Random
filters: health,  port, dependency, affinty, constraint

DNU - .Net development utility - builds, packages and publishes DNX projects
DNVM - .Net version manager

Carina, rackspace docker manager, ", a hosted Docker Swarm environment and showcase some of the performance and high availability features that we are able to get from Docker."

docker exec -ti 19f bash
#apt-get install curl -y

haproxy to load balance

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