Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Agile Sig - How Yahoo! Embraced Automated Testing

Neil Manvar from Saucelabs who used to work at Yahoo! gave a very interesting presentation on how Yahoo! did QA to fifty people at PlanView.

My Notes::

150 people work at Yahoo! on mail.

Challenges at Yahoo Mail
Multiple browsers on multiple OSes
New browsers coming out
Right to Left languages
Terabytes of data

Used beta version of email internally even for personal mail so everyone a Yahoo tests new versions of email.

Manual testing just doesn't work its not reliable and not scalable

"developers are not bad people."
It's all about getting info back to the developers.

Marissa Mayers gave them 3 months to get framework in place for automated testing, no new features.

Continuous improvement
Pull requested need unit tests and selenium tests.

Ruby and Open Source ruby gems / Cucumber / Watir-webdriver (Selenium)

A build would fail if code coverage was not sufficient.  It had to run in 10 minutes.
256 unit tests run in parallel

He recommended the book "Leading the Transformation: Applying Agile and DevOps Principals at Scale" by Gary Gruver, Tommy Mouser

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