Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Photos from Agile Austin May 10, 2016 "Implementing Kanban at Drilling Info"

Jay Paulson from Drilling Info presented the history of Kanban at Drilling Info to 36 people.

My random notes:
Jay took all the Jira issues, put them on sticky notes, and posted them on a wall.  50 items were in QA.  The physical visibility surprised people.

Service Delivery Manager shepherds items through the system.

Four Principles of Kanban
Flow like water around the rocks of resistance
1. Start with what you do now
2 Agree to pursue evolutionary change
3 Initially respect current processes roles, responsibilities, and job titles
4. Encourage acts of leadership at every level in your organization from individual contributor to senior management.  Encourage feedback.

Jay used the getKanban board game
used physical and electronic tool (Rally)
Columns on Board:
Ideas / Robert / Acceptance / Grooming / Implementation / Demo / Release / Verify

Jay is writing leansheets.org.

Little's Law Metric
Delivery Rate = WIP/LeadTime
Teams own their own process

David Anderson's book.

Daily Standup - team creates agenda, place for feedback, customer focus
Replenishment / Commitment Meeting  - part of Planning Session
Delivery Planning Meeting / Weekly
Risk Review - look at blocker to understand risks, review hidden risks, review WIP
Strategy Review / Quarterly - review metrics (lead time, quality, capacity)
Service Delivery Review - weekly
Operations Review / most important monthly meeting of all the managers

Recommended Books:
The Goal /
The Phoenix Project /
Kanban from the Inside by Mike Burrows
Actionable Agile Metric for Predictability by Vacanti

Highly measured process, Key Performance Indicators

Many agile projects fail from lack of discipline in developers.  Agile is not a silver bullet.  Developers need to be disciplined.

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