Saturday, July 23, 2016

Austin .Net Users Group - Continuous Integration/Containuous Deployment with Docker by Gabriel Schenker

April 11, 2016 - How Docker simplifies continuous integration and continuous deployment

 45 people attended the .Net Users Group to hear Gabriel Schenker talk about his experience with Docker containers.  Here's my one picture and random notes.

Continuous Delivery goes through manual QA process
Continuous Deployment skips QA and go straight to live
Blue/Green deployment is non-destructive, in parallel
Blue is current site, Green is new site 
visit for details.

Containers are here to stay.

$ docker build -t adnug3 . //builds an image
 docker images are layered, images can be made from pre-existing images with additional parts
$ docker images //shows list of docker images
$ docker run -d --name adnug -p 5000:5000 adnug3
$ docker ps //shows list of running docker container
$ docker logs adnug

Why not run TeamCity in a container?
Publishing Container Images
DockerCloud has images
You can publish images to Docker Hub registry 
Usually today we use Octopus deploy or rake or PowerShell scripts can deploy to AWS or Azure

Load balancers can be loaded from a docker image and front-end multiple docker nodes.
useful for blue/green testing


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