Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Why Smart Teams Make Dumb Decisions - Agile Austin Sept 13, 2016

Ken Howard presented "The Psychology of Error: Why Smart Teams Make Dumb Decisions" to 60 people at the monthly Agile Austin.
Here's a few pics:

 Ken wrote Individuals And Interactions: An Agile Guide, teacher at SMU.

My random notes:
We are affected by our emotions more than we realize and it hurts our productivity.

Illusionary Superiority - our minds feel we are above average
Error blindness - we don't see our errors as soon as we should.

It's best to honestly confront not ignore our limitations.

Need an environment of trust so we can admit and correct errors earlier.

Primed for future bias - first impressions, age gender bias, leading questions, initial project estiatmes stick with us.

implicit.harvard.edu - shows our bias

Emotions drive us more than we realize.

Beware when emotion-based opinions overshadow facts.

False memories can occur recalling our user stories.

Iteration blindness - we ignore last iteration's lessons.

When we run out of time we stop improving and planning.  We just work.

If you don't make your goals, it has an emotional effect on team members.

Avoid "Yes" addition.

If your Product Owner is bandwidth constraint, it causes real problems.

Dunning Kruger Effect

Einstein:  Ego = 1/knowledge

Sunk Cost Theory -

Hyperbolic Discounting - the longer the time it takes to achieve the goal, the less we value the goal

Our instinctive behaviour - want vs. should
We need discipline
Behavioural Habits - mood, boredom, work ethic, distractions at home, noise, lack of skill, other people.

If you have jerks, slackers, or depressive co-workers on a team - that person needs to be dealt with by a boss or a co-worker otherwise the bad apple infects the other team members.


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