Monday, October 10, 2016

Pics from Austin .Net Users Group: Full Stack Development with .NET and NoSQL

Matthew Groves, @mgroves,  gave an interesting presentation to 35 people at the October Austin .Net User's Group meeting.  Come join us next time details of future events at  Free pizza was provided by a recruiting sponsor. 

My Notes on #Couchbase:
Mongo is the most popular NoSql db.
Couchbase is not related to CouchDB.
NoSql is not a particularly useful term since it only tells you what it isn't.
Couchbase has built-in managed Cache and does key-value store, but mostly used for a document database.
Couchbase is open-source and has free licenses.
Couchbase scales easily.
 Instead of SQL uses N1q1 ("Nickel") which supports SQL-like syntax.  Supports indexes.

Supports Upsert() operation "Update"+"Insert"
Nickel tutorial at
linq2Couchbase is a open source project to merge linq and Couchbase.
var query = from x in bucket.Query() select x.Name

Does not support typical transactions, but can be done by use of a design pattern.
No stored procedures, but has MapReduce patterns.
Supports on the fly resharding across multiple database servers.

 Couchbase Lite is an embedded db (400K) for mobile devices, desktop apps, and IOT.


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