Monday, January 09, 2017

Austin .Net User's Group: Distributed Systems 101 by Colin Pear

Colin Pear from ClearMeasure (@colinpear) presented to this month's Austin .Net User's Group on Distributed Systems.  Here's a few pics:

My random notes:

Eric Brewer Cap Theory
Michael Perry Video)

Distributed Processing 
Pick any two:
1. Available
2. Consistent
3. Partition Tolerant

8 Fallacies of Distributed Computing by Peter Deutsch
The Network is reliable
Latency is zero
Bandwidth is infinite
The network is secure
The topology doesn't change
There is only one Administrator
Transport cost is zero
The network is homogeneous

Free book:

Distributed systems are complex
It's a paradign shift
Communication is the key

Smart endpoints, dumb pipes, distributed routing

Types of Coupling:
Spatial - physical links
Platform - Can a Java app talk to .Net? 
Temporal - time based

Going distributed solves problems, but it's more complex and requires different thinking.

NServiceBus does heavy lifting.  It's not free, but Colin thinks it's well worth it.  $25 or $30 bucks per machine per month.

NServiceBus can use AzureServiceBus, RabbitMQ, MSQueue, or SqlServer.

course by Udi Dahan:

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