Friday, November 24, 2017

Saving Money by Moving to an OOma phone

Being the frugal person I am (having the ginger and Scottish genes), I found it hard to pay $20 a month to my cable provider for an internet land line.

(I know, I know, the 70s called and wants their phone back)

I replaced my internet provider's $20/month phone with an $80 one time purchase Ooma phone.

Transferring our old number to the new Ooma phone cost a one time fee of $40.
The Ooma phone has to charge taxes on their service of $3-$4 a month.
At a one-time charge of $120 with the monthly tax , our family should start saving money in only seven months.
We should be saving $17 a month after that.

And one more thing:  Removing your internet phone from your internet provider makes switching to lower cost internet providers easier.  No messy phone number to switch every time you go with a lower cost provider.

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