Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Setting Up a New Windows 10 Machine

Here's my list of things to do with a new windows 10 box in 2018.
(I put it here so I can find it next time I get a new machine.  
Let me know your list of "got to have programs" in the comments.)
Set Preferences
Add environmental variable "HOME" and set to "C:\home\mfincher" so Emacs can find me 
(In the File Explorer, right-click on "This PC", select "properties"/"Advanced system settings"/"Environment Variables...")
Add C:\home\mfincher\bin to environmental variable "Path"
Go into "File Explorer Options" and set "Hidden files and folders"/"Show hidden files..."
  "Display the full path in the title bar"
  and unset "Hide extensions for known file types"
Install Utility Programs
Install Chrome and Firefox
Install Emacs
Install spell ( to C:\opt\Aspell and set emacs to reference that dir
Install Git
   git config --global "Johnny Cash"
   git config --global
   git config --global http.proxy
   git config --global https.proxy

Install cmder from into C:\opt\Cmdr
   Copy user-aliases.cmd to C:\opt\Cmdr\config
Install Mouse drivers
Install Notepad++ from
Install Node
  npm config set proxy
  npm config set https-proxy
Install bower and gulp
  npm install -g bower gulp
Install Maven
Install Paint.Net
Install 7-zip for zip/tar files from /
Install Visual Studio
Install ReSharper
Install IntelliJ
Install SourceTree for git repos - 

Install AutoHotKey from
Install Putty.exe and MTPuTTY
Install FileZilla -
Install winscp -
Install cf -
Install PostMan inside Chrome

Install Microsoft Programs
Install SQL Server and Red Gate's SQL Search
Install "Remote Desktop Connection Manager" from 
Copy Files From Old Computer
Copy My Documents, My Pictu res, c:\home, c:\opt
copy over all the old databases
Copy over inetpub directories
Copy over old Microsoft Mail archives, *.pst files
Copy root directory of Git files, C:\Git

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